Four years without you big sis, it gets harder every day and highlights the huge impact you had on everyone you met. The hole you have left in my life is so evident, I spoke to you every day for at least an hour and you were so patient with me; offering me advice on my career, boyfriends (you only ever liked the one), budgeting, travel, cooking, waterskiing (always reminding me that you made it into the British team), you cut my hair, plucked my eyebrows (eek), did my makeup for my school prom, you were and always will be my best friend and big sister. Grandpa and Grandma are finally together and I know they will be causing lots of trouble, you have Aunty Helen, Nannan, Uncle Bernard, Uncle Richard and Aunty Sue keeping you company and I hope you have met Tom’s stepdad Steve by now, you will love him as we do! We all miss you but will see you soon for gin and giggles and dancing on tables. Love you, your Haribo xx

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