11.08.1981 - 14.04.2017
Charley Ashton born in Sheffield, England in August 1981 to our parents Julia and David. Charley was the eldest of three; she had a younger brother and sister, Olly and me (Harriet). 
Charley was loved by all, she inspired everyone she met and never left an interaction with anyone without making them smile. Her laugh was infectious and her kind heart and wisdom helped so many. Charley water skied for the British team; she was committed and driven and this shone through when she flew across the water. 
Charley was committed and driven in all areas of her life and I can confirm she was the most determined woman on the planet, she had many setbacks in her life when it came to her career but she NEVER gave up! She didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer and proved that hard work does pay off. She worked hard to own a successful business and home in Hove with her beautiful wife, Jess. 
Charley met Jess, the love of her life whilst working for the company Mark Warner in Greece, they lived happily together in Hove for over a decade. In 2015 Jess and Charley became parents to the most beautiful girl, Aurelia. For those that know Aurelia, you will know how amazingly resilient, funny and kind she is. Aurelia talks of Charley every day and is incredibly proud to call her her ‘Mama.’
Charley became ill soon after Aurelia was born and after an initial misdiagnosis, she was diagnosed with cancer in June 2015.
After being told she only had a few weeks to live, Charley fought harder than she had ever fought before and defied all odds, she stayed alive for Aurelia and Jess. Charley truly proved to us all the incredible power of the mind. Unfortunately, her cancer became too invasive and spread quickly, Charley waited until all her family were around her bedside before passing away on 14th April 2017 (Good Friday). We are all convinced she planned this, in true ‘Charley’ style, she passed away on the same day as Jesus Christ.         
Charley will be forever remembered as a real-life warrior who had the strength and resilience to fight the worst of battles. Charley’s love, kindness and laugh will stay in our hearts forever. 
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